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2022 Exhibitor Brands


Cacao soup

Treetobar Hall: Za'abeel Hall 6 Stand: Z6-X26
  • Cacao soup
  • Cacao soup
  • Cacao soup
Cacao soup Cacao soup Cacao soup
60% cacao soup Ingredients: cacao beans, sugar 100% cacao soup Ingredients: cacao beans Treetobar’s cacao soup is a cacao liquor, 100% chocolate made by conching cacao nibs, which made by separating hull after roasting Ecuadorian-made cacao bean, more than 70 hours at a millstone-form machine. It's a product that made in the form of powder for easy storage, manufacture, and drinking of 100% cacao liquor, which has been made very soft over a long period of time. 60% cacao soup features a soft and sweet taste that everyone of all ages can like by putting unrefined sugar to 100% chocolate, and it is a healthy dark chocolate that even children can eat with confidence. You can enjoy more softer and richer taste if you boil it with milk.


  • Chocolate / Pralines
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