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Amos 4D Gummy Blocks

AMOS SWEETS INC. Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-V52
  • Amos 4D Gummy Blocks
  • Amos 4D Gummy Blocks
  • Amos 4D Gummy Blocks
Amos 4D Gummy Blocks Amos 4D Gummy Blocks Amos 4D Gummy Blocks
Amos 4D(3D+Delicious)Gummy Blocks is relaunched in a brand-new design to better represent the value of #BuildYummyFun with stackable gummy blocks. It is more than just gummy candy, but is a play toy, a tool for learning. Since its initial launch in 2017, Amos 4D Gummy Blocks has been loved and adored by children and parents in over 40 countries, including the USA, Canada, Japan, China, South East Asia, and some European countries.  The standard package comes in a resealable on-the-go bag with four fruit flavors, blueberry, strawberry, lemon, and apple. The 3D shapes of the gummy blocks make it possible for the gummies to stack upon each other and allow people to build edible animals, vehicles, buildings, or anything they can with their creative hands.  Amos 4D Gummy Blocks series offers a standard 3.53 Oz and 7 Oz standing bag, 9.3 Oz share pack, and 3.53 Oz theatre box to adapt to everyday and seasonal needs. Smaller packaging is great for a quick on-the-go snack at any time of the day. While bigger-sized packages are perfect for gatherings with family and friends or themed parties. Building gummy creations with stackable gummy blocks is a fun and festive way to enjoy quality time with loved ones. With Amos' advanced 3D technology, the detailed shapes of gummies are perfect for baking decorations, crafting or mixed candy dishes during holidays. Amos Sweets, the world’s candy innovator, has been specializing in producing and marketing innovative candies since 2004, owning three manufacturing centers with BRC-A, ISO22000, HACCP, Halal, and Kosher certifications and achieving international quality and dietary standards. Amos won the Best Novelty of Buyer's Choice Award 2022 by the Candy Industry. The group corporation has been listed as one of the 2023 Global Top 100 Candy companies by the Candy Industry.


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