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Ficosota Food

Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: M-H28
We're a brand-owning company with marketing focused business model. FICOSOTA manufactures and develops over 20 food & non-food brands in many categories - home care, personal care, baby care, and finally - snack food. We have the production of our brands all happening locally in Bulgaria. We have offices around the world, in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and New York. Maretti Bruschette chips is our leading snack brand sold in over 70 countries around the Globe. It is a deliciously seasoned, baked bruschetta chips. Made with sunflower oil, ingredients from natural origin, no GMO, no added MSG, no trans-fat or hydrogenated fat, with amazing taste, it is the right snack for various occasions. Maretti is having an amazing run with exceptional shelf rotation in multiple countries and leading key accounts! Some of our best performing markets are Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic. My Motto wafers are our second-best developing brand across the world. It is a delicious small portion desert to enjoy on the go and at home. Made of 80% cream, with coconut oil, 0% trans-fat, source of fiber and GMO free. It is successfully sold in more than 40 countries, with top markets being Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Mauritius, Romania. Livity is our newest brand in the portfolio, popped brown rice snack, never fried, never baked, always tasty! Livity answers the global trends for healthy lifestyle, is gluten-free with natural ingredients.


10 Trakiyska str.


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  • My Motto wafers are more delicious than ever. Now with 80% cream filling, the crispy two-piece wafer is the ultimate pleasure for you and your friends. My Motto is more than happy to deliver that very ...
  • Livity is our newest brand in the portfolio, popped brown rice snack, never fried, never baked, always tasty! It has a unique manufacturing process that is quite different from other regular chips and ...
  • Bruschette Maretti, our leading snacks brand, is made in our traditional bruschetta style. Crispy & delicious oven baked bread circles made of carefully selected ingredients, offered in a variety of f ...