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Shanghai Sky Fountain Brand Management Co., Ltd.

Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-274
Shanghai Sky Fountain Brand Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2021 and is a company that integrates brand management, product development, marketing planning, supply chain management, and channel establishment. Currently, the brand direction is focused on the food (snack) category. The first brand launched by the company to the market is "ZUO", aiming to continuously launch healthy, delicious, and funny snacks with zero belly load. At the beginning of 2023, the first product of the brand new "do" brand, black coffee flavored sugar, was launched. The company has its own product research and development team, adhering to independent product research and development, strict research and development processes, scientific and reasonable formula design, and providing consumers with an international first-class standard food experience; Adhere to high standard formulas and processes, reject harmful ingredients such as chemical sweeteners and artificial colors, choose natural raw materials, add reasonable functional ingredients, and meet consumers' demand for low calorie and zero fat healthy snacks.


4101,Bund Center,No.222 Yanan East Road Huangpu District


http://Shanghai SKY Fountain Brand Management .com

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  • 1.Best black coffee powder 2. 0 trans fat 3.Caffeine content ≥ 7% for a quick boost of energy 4.Exquisite taste with long-lasting coffee fragrance 5.Unique packaging for emotional support 6.Get energi ...
  • 1.Contains Vitamin C 2.Two flavors: peach and grape 3.Can be consumed together with other foods
  • 1.ZUO一下×KOBITOS 2.Bursting with 100% real fruit juice, delivering an intense fruity delight 3.Rich in Vitamin C 4.Crafted with plant-based pectin, Gelatin-Free, and Carrageenan-Free 5.Two adorable and ...
  • 1.ZUO一下×KOBITOS 2.Four delightful tea candy flavors:White Peach Oolong, Grape Oolong, Green Grape Dragonwell, and Lemon Black Tea 3.Original tea extract, delicious but not too sweet 4.Infused with con ...
  • 「ZUO一下」is a newly-established snack food brand founded in 2020. The brand continues to launch healthy, delicious, and fun low-calorie snacks. The company researches and develops products independently ...