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Sharmeen Foods Pvt Ltd

Hall: Concourse 2 Stand: CC2-114
I Would like to introduce our self M/s Sharmeen Foods Pvt Ltd as the Leading manufacturer and exporters of exciting and unique range of biscuits and confectionery products. Our diverse portfolio includes a variety of products that have established a notable reputation within the branded biscuit and confectionery industry, both domestically and internationally. Our brands have been catering to consumer preferences and we are proud to be known for our plain, filled, flavored based biscuits and confectionery products that are cherished by many.


Karachi -Pakistan


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  • "Hearts"  center-filled candies offer a burst of fruity  bliss  in  every  bite. Indulge in a symphony of flavors  with  options  like blackcurrant,  strawberry, mango, orange, lemon, and guava, makin ...
  • Indulge in a delightful duo of candies! The Cola flavor candy takes you to a journey of favorite soda with its sweet & fizzy burst, while cool mint candy offers a refreshing, minty sensation that perf ...
  • Introducing “Jolly Pops”   the lolly  pops  that  will  bring a seven  delightful   flavors. From luscious sweetness of blueberry & strawberry to tropical zest of mango and the rich creaminess of milk ...
  • "Experience pure indulgence in Date-Filled Cookies and Date-Filled Cinnamon Roll.  With a delicate, a sweet date filling, each bite is a journey of textures  and flavors that blend tradition and sweet ...
  • Experience a modern candy  fusion  with  Imli  Chatkhara  and Choran Chatkhara Candy. Enjoy the perfect   balance of amarind's tangy sweetness   and   spice infused nostalgia, offering a   delightful  ...
  • Introducing "Chocobello" with    Hazelnut    and Strawberry  spreads,a perfect   combination  of creamy  indulgence  and crunchy breadsticks. Dive into rich,  luscious  flavors that    redefine   snac ...
  • Indulge in glukoz biscuits, where a golden-brown, crispy outer layer meets a tender center, creating a harmonious interplay of textures and flavors that's truly irresistible”.
  • Chocato biscuits offer a heavenly experience with their buttery, golden brown biscuit base perfectly complemented by rich chocolate chips, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and indulgence
  • Zeera biscuits offer a delightful blend   of crumbly, golden brown texture and the aromatic warmth of cumin seeds,  creating a traditional treat that's both inviting and satisfying
  • Elevate your snack time with Peanut biscuits. Crispy and  golden  brown, these biscuits feature a delightful nutty essence that perfectly complements their satisfying crunch, offering a delicious     ...
  • Bite sized fudge euphoria, enveloped in a sumptuous chocolate    embrace for a irresistible treat that   delights with every nibble
  • Irresistible chunks of joy, where velvety chocolate meets crunchy bunties , creating a delightful symphony of textures and flavors in every bite
  • Chocolate Wafers offers a delightful fusion of   delicate layers and rich chocolate. The crispy wafer texture harmonizes with the smooth cocoa center, creating a satisfying and indulgent treat
  • Refuel The Energy Bar is the ultimate power-packed snack, offering six delicious flavors. From the zesty Blueberry to the comforting Apple Pie, and the rich indulgence of Mint Chocolate Chip, these ba ...
  • Experience pure delight with every bite of our delectable treat, where tender coconut harmonizes with smooth milk chocolate, transporting you to a paradise of flavor
  • Date Filled Bars