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09 Jul 2024

The Global Snack and Sweet Trends to Look Out for at ISM Middle East in 2024

The Global Snack and Sweet Trends to Look Out for at ISM Middle East in 2024

As the global snacks market continues to grow, consumers are demanding more from their favourite treats. Our latest article dives into trends like health-focused snacks, eco-friendly packaging, luxurious indulgences, and convenient on-the-go options.

In 2023, the global snacks market was valued at over $236 billion, highlighting the massive value that this speciality industry represents. This year, ISM Middle East will spotlight the sweets and snacks sector from 24-26 September 2024. Here are five significant snack and sweet trends that we expect to make waves at ISM Middle East.

Trend #1: Health and Wellness


Health and wellness remain a top priority for end consumers, significantly influencing the snacks and sweets industry. This trend is evident in the rise of functional snacks that not only satisfy cravings but also contribute to overall health. Demand has grown for snacks that are high in protein, fortified with vitamins, or tailored to specific dietary needs such as keto, paleo, and gluten-free. Additionally, there is a strong demand for clean labels with minimal artificial additives and natural ingredients.

Major brands like Lay’s and Kit Kat have already launched versions of their products with less sodium and sugar. Where these big-name brands lead the way, we can also expect to see smaller brands follow with “lightened” versions of their products. ISM Middle East is the ideal platform to see what brands across the spectrum are introducing in response to the latest trends shaping the industry.

Trend #2: Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing


As in the broader F&B industry, sustainability continues to gain traction as a vital consideration in producing sweets and snacks. This trend encompasses ethical sourcing of ingredients, eco-friendly packaging solutions, and sustainable manufacturing processes. Consumers are becoming more conscientious about the environmental impact of their choices and prefer brands that demonstrate a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and supporting fair trade practices.

Trend #3: Indulgence and Experience

While health-conscious choices are on the rise, indulgence remains crucial for many consumers. The market for premium, luxurious snacks that offer a rich sensory experience is thriving. This includes products made with high-quality ingredients, innovative flavour combinations, and artisanal craftsmanship.

Trend #4: Convenience and On-the-Go Solutions


The demand for convenient, on-the-go snacks is driven by the fast-paced lifestyle of modern consumers. This trend emphasises the need for quick, easy-to-eat options that do not compromise quality or taste. Packaging and portion control innovations are essential, ensuring that snacks are portable and suitable for busy individuals seeking quick energy boosts or meal replacements.

Trend #5: Global Flavours and Culinary Exploration


In conclusion

These trends drive the future of the sweets and snacks industry, reflecting a blend of health consciousness, sustainability, indulgence, convenience, and global exploration.

For more detailed insights and the latest updates on these trends, be sure to visit the upcoming ISM Middle East event, which will showcase them and more from 24 - 26 September 2024 at Dubai World Trade Centre.










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